Smart Energy Panel JPC 70


Transparency for your system

  • Intuitive local operation right at the system switch cabinet
  • Rapid localisation of faults in the power supply for operating and residual currents (RCM)

With the Smart Energy Panel JPC 70, Janitza is expanding their product portfolio with a display for optimum presentation of the most important parameters of the power supply. Channel-specific measured values of the Janitza current monitoring device UMG 20CM, such as alarms for example, can be shown locally, directly on the switchgear. The Smart Energy Panel JPC 70 is ideally suited for front panel integration and can be controlled by remote access via Ethernet. The flexible configuration is a further benefit. For example, this enables existing configurations to be loaded via the USB interface.

The informative “7- inch” touch screen display of the Smart Energy Panel JPC 70 is distinguished by simple and user-friendly menu guidance. The device can be easily set up without any programming knowledge.

Alarm management

Warning and failure messages can be displayed through several levels in the topology view and so can be quickly identified. Time synchronisation is implemented via NTP.


  • Display of all current and energy values
  • Display and saving of the last maximum value
  • Topological view of the current circuits
  • Visualisation of the main and ancillary measurements
  • Monitoring of up to 200 current channels


  • Dynamic topological configuration of up to 10 devices
  • Group transfer of the configuration
  • Plug & Play configuration via USB: Import and export of device configurations
  • Labelling of the individual current circuits, threshold values can be set per channel, etc.
  • Pre-configured at the factory
  • Display of compatible* Janitza Modbus devices as master and the UMG 20CM devices as slaves.

Alarm management

  • Integrated alarm management
  • Acknowledgement of existing alarms
  • Saving of historical alarms
  • email notification

User management

  • Password-protected display
  • Creation of a hierarchical user structure
  • Assignment of rights

* UMG 96-RM-E, UMG 604-PRO, UMG 605-PRO, UMG 509-PRO, UMG 512-PRO and ProData

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